Saturday, April 28, 2018

Clyde SPAN Minutes 04-03-2018

The minutes of the April 3 2018 meeting on SPAN held at 70 Glasgow St. in Clyde, NY at 6:30 p.m.
Present: Tom Castellano; Cheryl Bonnell; Sandi Bastedo; John Robert; Dave Hickey and Tom Sawtelle.
Before the SPAN meeting, Tom Sawtelle presented a list of possible locations for historical markers or interpretive signs for the Clyde Area.

1 Call to order by Tom Castellano at 6:40.

2 John Robert moved to accept the March minutes, seconded by Cheryl Bonnell. Motion passed.

3 The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $7474.27

4 The membership report showed 16 new members to about 82, up from 66.

5 The bus tour has 24 signed up so far for Cooperstown on May 17th. Permission for a school bus to be driven to Auburn for a tour of the Seward mansion at a later date has been received.

6 Sandi is working on the SOAR grant for projects in the next 3 years. Some of the ideas suggested do far deal with the campsites improvements, the upgrading of the kiosks, etc.

7 April 21st is the date set for Canal Clean Sweep. Discussion involved having high visibility neon vests for workers. Tom Castellano moved and Cheryl Bonnell seconded “…that SPAN buy 12 -20 such vests, spending up to $30.” Motion carried.

8 There will be a SOAR meeting on the 10 of April.

9 Sandi Bastedo moved and Cheryl Bonnell seconded ‘…to pay $74. For 12 month rental of the SPAN Post Office Box.
Next meeting is May 1st following a presentation on growing tomatoes.

10 Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey