Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Clyde SPAN Minutes 06-05-2018

The minutes of the June 5th, 2018, SPAN meeting held at 70 Glasgow Street at 6:30 p.m.
Present: Tom Castellano; Hugh Miner; Linda Bell; John Robert; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Sandi Bastedo; Dolly Romer; and David Hickey
John Robert moved, and Sandi Bastedo seconded, to accept the May minutes. Motion passed.
Treasurer John Robert reported a balance of $5155.03
Rose Jeanne Strakal suggested that we send a letter to new members, thanking them for joining.
Discussion about this year’s alumni/homecoming football event on Sept 21st. Mike Hayden has agreed to maybe get a tent, serve appetizers, and charge $5.00. We hope to include Donna Riviello and Lynn Carnivale to help organize, maybe to include alumni from 68, 78, 88, 98, and 18 as featured guests.
SOAR will be in the village park from 4 – 6 on Thurs., June 14th, the opening of this year’s farmers market. A table for signing up for the Erie Canal boat rides will be available.
Amy is working on a poster for the Art Festival.
Sandi & Tom Sawtelle have submitted a proposal for a grant for a trail loop to include the Blockhouse. Linda Bell is trying for a 2nd to get some bike amenities in the Savannah area.
Complete Streets has a policy that any construction should take in to account user friendly streets.
An amount$900. Is being set aside for signage.
Sandi reported that we are filing for a SOAR grant to start on Dec, 1st, if we get it.
Boat Tour: There will be a chicken dinner put on by Clyde firemen. A Western New your big band will be provided by the village. Mayor Jerry Fremaou will be driving the bus to the marina.
Barbershop Quartet: Hugh is looking for a $500. Commitment from SPAN and the village for a concert on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. on Aug. 18th or Sept 5th.
A plaque in memory of Lois Benning is planned to be presented when the bikers spanning the Erie Canal Trail come through.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey