Monday, January 6, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 11-04-2019

The minutes of the November 4, 2019 meeting of SPAN held at the Glasgow Street office at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Tom Castellano; Amy Bullard; Linda Bell; Hugh Miner; Sandi Bastedo; Dave Hickey;
Dolly Romer; and Rose Jeanne Strakal

1 Tom Castellano called the meeting to order at 6:34

2 A motion to accept the corrected minutes was made by Rose Jeanne Strakal and seconded by
Hugh Miner. Motion carried.

3Treasurer’s report listed a balance of  $6,544.45.

4 Rose Jeanne reported a membership of 114.

5 Dolly reported that the George Eastman House trip was enjoyed by 20 people. Rose Jeanne and
Dolly are writing a letter to the town and village for support in 2020.

6 Sandi Bastedo reported that Steve Moore is managing the art project for SOAR. They applied
to the Finger Lakes Art for a grant for next year. Kee Kee Run is having an art session in
December and would like one in January.
Sandi reported that the honor students at Clyde-Savannah would like to do some community
service work on December 20.
November 30th is Hometown Happy holiday.
On December 7th, the Galen Historical Society will have Open House with Larry Dapolito
playing the vintage organ.
On November 23, St John’s will be holding a mini-bazaar.
Gayle Porter is continuing to prepare a space for an art parlor.
Galens is closing.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 7th at 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey