Monday, December 20, 2021

Clyde SPAN Minutes 12-07-2021

 The minutes of the regular SPAN meeting held at 6:30 on December 7, 2021, at the SPAN office on Glasgow Street in Clyde, NY.

Present: Amy Bullard; Sandi Bastedo; David Hickey; Jennifer Peeso; Amber Clingerman; Hugh Miner; Mark DeVito

1 Meeting called to order at 6:40.

2 Motion to accept the November minutes made by Amy, seconded by Jen. Motion carried.

3 Treasurer reported an ending balance of $7753.36.

4 SOAR/SPAN activities:
New member, Eric Bowen
SOAR check-in went well. Facebook on Zoom, Dec 16 at 6:00 pm
Painted rocks have all been found
Adopt a snowman through SPAN, can be decorated and kept for other events.
Amy said the open house went well, although attendance was low.
Savannah chili cook-off was well attended.
Suggestion to have another Under-Croft event. Tom Sawtelle is promoting memberships – perhaps a family night.
Also, perhaps a “Night at the Bowling Alley” at Lancasters.

5 Re: the Kayak Shed: The village approved putting a new shed near the boat launch. Would SPAN want to purchase it and be reimbursed? Mark said there are issues with that location. A discussion followed about the use of the old shed.

6 We need to finalize the issue of the lock for the shed. Mark pointed out the need for a deadbolt. Amy would like to fix it so that someone doesn’t always have to go there in person to unlock the shed. Maybe someone from the village board , or from the village police force, should be involved. More research is needed on this topic.

7 The village is receptive to the idea of having fishing spots. Mark suggested a level spot with zero maintenance. He will walk the area and take some pictures. Could we supply benches? Could we involve volunteers, the school fishing club? We could use a Bobcat to clear the area involved. Jen said we need a detailed proposal.

8 Tee shirts: We need to buy Tees for less than $10. apiece. If we add colors, the price goes up. Maybe look for local suppliers on line. Sandi Bastedo moved”...that SPAN spend up to one thousand dollars to buy tee shirts, hats in sizes M/L/XL/ and XXL”, seconded by Amy. Motion carried.

9 We need programs for next year. Bring your ideas to the January meeting, or sooner, send your ideas to Sandi.

10 Amber announced that 21 children’s names were submitted for Christmas.

11 Sandi announced that Cornell Extension is offering a free financial consultation service to those interested.

12 Hugh asked SPAN to sponsor an ad for the musical held on January 14/15, 2022.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


David Hickey

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Clyde SPAN Minutes 11-02-2021

The minutes of the November 2, 2021 SPAN meeting held at the SPAN office on Gladgow Street in Clyde, NY at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Nicole Malbone; Amber Clingerman; Kelly Furman; Jennifer Peeso; Sandi Bastedo; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Linda Bell. Amy Bullard attended by cell phone. David Hickey and Hugh Miner were absent. Rose Jeanne took the minutes.

1 Kelly Furman opened the meeting at 6:36 p.m.

2 Rose Jeanne moved to approve of the October minutes. Amber Clingerman seconded . Motion passed.

3 Treasurer Amy Furman repoted a balance of $8298.68, ending with $ 7545.70.

4 Rose Jeanne- membership report – no change.

5 Jen and Amy – SOAR activities:
Fitness center at the high school
Galen Historical Society; ”Wreaths of Yesteryear” event Nov. 27Th, 2021, 1pm-4pm @ the Brick
Church Museum. Make your own wreath.
A call for gratitude -families in need – NWWHS Office.
Holiday home and business decoration contest
Undercroft Board Game cafe – 3 hr. Free play 6-9 pm
SOAR open house, Nov.27th – no time yet
Turkey raffle Saturday, Nov. 6th – 7pm

6 Linda Bell applied for USDA grant and was approved. Economics for small business. SPAN will be one of her partners.

7 SPAN HomeTown holiday happenings – Nov.27th.
Parade at 6pm- SPAN will be walking in the parade.
Motion: “Approval of Holiday sign”: Nicole moved, Amber seconded. Motion passed. Vista print.

8 Open discussion about families in need for Christmas.

9 New Business: Next meeting – Dec. 7th

Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted.


David Hickey

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Clyde SPAN Minutes 10-05-2021

 The minutes of the October 5, 2021 meeting of SPAN held at the SPAN office at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Kelly Furman; Amber Clingerman; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Sandi Bastedo; Hugh miner; Lida

Bell; Amanda Lesterhuis; Amy Bullard; Jennifer Peeso, and Nicole Malbone on Zoom.

1 Kelly Furman called the meeting to order at 6:31p.m.

2 Treasurer Amber Clingerman reported a closing balance of $8,298.68.

3 Rose Jeanne Strakal reporter a membership of 107 members.

3 SOAR activities:

British Encampment – October 9 from 10 to 5. SPAN will furnish water and chips.

E-waste at the Ford garage on October 9,2021.

Tour of Community Garden, walk the trails at Lauraville Landing on October 21, 2021 from 4-6

Amanda Lesterhuis, the school health coordinator will run a program, “ Lifting the School

Community”- see hand out. from Oct 25 and for 7 weeks ending in December.

Discussion: about Halloween in the Park.

4 Jobs, wellness, volunteers-

5 Discussion SPAN Night at Undercroft. November 10th 6-9p.m. Sandi Bastedo moved”...that SPAN

support Undercroft for three hours @ $105.” motion carried.

6 New Business: Discussion of the use of property permissions and communication with responsible parties. Add Ann Fenton and Lancaster to our email lists.

7 Home decorations for the holidays. Sandi Bastedo moved and hugh Miner seconded “..SPAN support a Holiday Decorating contest, one for business and one for home , decision for judging on December

17th with a $50. prize for the winner in each category.” Motion passed.

Next meeting – November 2, 2021.

Respectfully submitted,


David Hickey

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Clyde SPAN Minutes 07-06-2021

 The minutes of the July 6, 2021 meeting of SPAN held at the SPAN office on Glasgow Street at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Kelly Furman; Amy Bullard; Hugh Miner; Nicole Malbone; Joe Salerno; Amber Clingerman; Mark DeVito; David Hickey; Jennifer Peeso; Sandi Bastedo; Lisa Mortensen; and Linda Bell on Zoom.

1. Kelly Furman called the meeting to order at 6:41

2. Hugh Miner moved to accept the June minutes, seconded by Nicole. Motion passed.

3. Amber reported an ending balance of $9122.66. There is an uncashed check outstanding.

4. Membership: No report.

5. SOAR activities: Amy reports:

There is a Chamber of Commerce picnic scheduled for July 11,2021 at 1 pm at the Savannah Community Field. A free meal is provided. 

Festival Week activities:
Aug 10: travel the towpath at Lauraville Landing @6pm
Aug 11: Ziti dinner, eat in or take out; CFD 4:30 -7pm; Clyde Cellar Savers @ Lauraville – 6:30
Aug 12: Kayak on the canal 6-7:30pm; campfire at Lauraville loop campsite.
Aug 14: “Memories of Clyde” -Lauraville -12 to 5
                Clyde Car Show 10am – 2pm
                Opening remarks & salutation Park, Mayor 12:15
                Famous Moments in Clyde – Mr Miner 12:30
                History of Fireworks-Mr O’Herren – 1:15
                Celebrate Clyde Sports 3:15
                Clyde Saxton Band 4:00
                Firemen’s Parade 7:00
                Nate Michael’s – CFD – 8pm
Aug 15:   Mass Feast of the Assumption, St. John’s Church 10:30 am
                CFD Chicken BBQ 11am until sold out.
                Heritage Park Flag Pole Dedication – 4pm
                Swagger Band CFD 7pm
                Fireworks 9pm

Community Picnic and SOAR Celebration, July 26,2021, held at Lauraville Landing
               organization set up – 5pm
               Galen Historical Society Quarterly Meeting – 5:30
               Community Picnic 6pm
               Program: “18th Century Medicine” 6:30

July 13, 2021 – Film via Zoom SOAR and STEP on the Internet

6. Old Business:

Discussion about the kayak loan procedures:
    Arrow direction signs placements
    The kiosk is being updated
    A fire ring is located at the village office
    Who does one contact to use the kayaks
    Could we laminate instructions to put on the shack door/
    Could we use a qr code or the SPAN website?
    Sandi bought the padlock which open with a code
    Is there any way to have users sign a liability waiver?
    Nicole Malbone moved “ expend up to $300. for 2 trail cams”, seconded by Amber Clingerman.        Motion passed.

Dan Dapolito is looking for volunteers to help distribute Food Link on Sept. 21 in Clyde and November 16th in Savannah.

Re: the July 26th picnic, SPAN will be supplying hot dogs and hamburgers; SOAR will supply chicken.

The Revolutionary War Encampment will be held near the Blockhouse on July 17, 2021, from 10 to 4. SPAN will supply water and chips with our canopy station. We could use some weights to hold the poles down.

Halloween in the Park- Hugh Miner moved ‘”...that SPAN donate $175. to the event” ,seconded by Sandi Bastedo. Motion passed.

Discussion: Could we have BLG sell some of our surplus tees and hats at the consignment store?

Sandi Bastedo moved “...that SPAN be the holder of grant funds for the community garden”, seconded by Hugh Miner. Motion passed.

Re: the electronic sign, Sandi Bastedo moved”...that it be given to Keith Greene to do whatever he wishes”, seconded byAmy Bullard. Motion passed.

Sandi asked all of us to think about SPAN’s role in these last two years of the Cornell Grant.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30

Respectfully submitted,


David Hickey

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Clyde SPAN Minutes 06-01-2021

 The minutes of the June 1, 2021 meeting of SPAN held at the Glasgow Street office at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Amy Bullard; Hugh Miner; David Hickey; Nicole Malbone; Jennifer Peeso; and on Zoom,Amber Clingerman; and Kelly Furman

1 Amy Bullard called the meeting to order at 6:41.

2 Nicole Malbone moved to accept the May minutes, seconded by Hugh Miner. Motion passed.

3 Treasurer Amy Furman reported a closing balance of $9,398.41.

4 Membership: No report.

5 SOAR activities:
There is a bike rodeo on Saturday, June 5, sponsored by the school, the police and the village.
Art in the Park from 6 to 8 on June 22.
Clyde on the Erie bike riders , Tuesday, July 13th.
6 Kayak policy:
Sandi ordered a new lock.
Hugh, Niclole, and Amy did the stenciling
Jeanie at the Savannah bait shop suggested we also engrave our logo on the kayaks.
We feel it wise to invest in trail cams strategically located. Think about $200. installed.
Hugh Miner moved”...that we purchase trail cams and install them”. Also “...that we install
space saving storage racks for life jackets and oars, etc.” Both motions passed.
Also discussed were signage and their locations.
Hugh reported on the mulch project and what needs to be finished, We could use a weed
whacker to cut back on growth,.

7 The July Village Picnic July 26:
SPAN is providing the meat
The Historical Society is providing the program
Hugh mentioned others who are invited to help with preparations

8 Other discussions centered on summer kayaking
Erie Canal stewardship
Juneteenth: June 19th - Jennifer is working on this, getting two bands

9 New business:
The Blockhouse Revolutionary War encampment on July 17. SPAN involvement under our
canopy. We provide water and chips. Also SPAN can conduct a membership drive.
August 10th – bike riding on the trail.

10 Hugh Miner moved “ ...that SPAN lend our canopy to the June 5th bike rodeo” Motion passed.

Next meeting: July 6th, 2021

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey

Monday, May 10, 2021

Clyde SPAN Minutes 05-04-2021

 The minutes of the May 4, 2021. meeting of SPAN held via Zoom at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Kelly Furman; Amber Clingerman; Amy Bullard; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Hugh Miner; Sandi Bastedo; Nicole Malbone; Jennifer Peeso; David Hickey; and special guest, Joe Salerno.

1 Rose Jeanne Strakal moved to accept the April minutes, seconded by KellyFurman. Motion carried.

2 Treasurer Amber Clingerman reported a closing balance of $10528.73.

3 Hugh said there is more work to be done moving mulch at the campsite. Those who wish to help will meet this Saturday, May 8, at 10:00 a.m. to continue the mulch project.

4 Membership chairperson Rose Jeanne reported that SPAN now has 104 members, and an additionl contribution of $225. in donations.

5 Juneteenth Celebration, named after the date of the Emancipation Proclamation, is being planned. Fliers and announcements will be forthcoming.

6 A bike rodeo is planned for June 5th. There is a meeting with the town board to finalize.

7 SOAR has a virtual Check-in on May 27th.

8 Nicole Malbone brought up the idea that maybe adopting a highway or street might be an activity we could support.

9 Hugh Miner said we need to label the kayaks, one name large and conspicuous, and one small and inconspicuous. Hugh will consult with „Signs and Designs“ to see if they might have a stencil for that purpose.

10 As to the kayak shed lock, Sandi is looking in to the possible choices.

11 Amy Bullard asked if SPAN should plan an event to celebrate the opening of our camp and kayak operations, perhaps in connection with Juneteenth or with the May 21st Erie Canac opening this year. Some of our local firms, like AATech, Thomas’s, and DiSanto’s might get involved. Jen Peeso will send out an email to get the ball rolling.

12 Our guest, Joe Salerno, gave us the rundown on the upcoming event, „Memories of Clyde“ scheduled for August 14th at Lauraville Landing from noon to 5 o’clock. His committee is highly organized and has over 1100 members. They plan to produce a video which can be accessed via Youtube. They are in need of donations. Hugh Miner moved and Rose Jeanne seconded to „...donate $300. to the Galen Historical Society for the Memories of Clyde project.“ Motion carried

13 The community picnic is planned for Lauraville Landing on July 26, 2021. It is cosponsored by the Historical Society and SPAN. Hugh and Nicole are the Historical Society contacts. SPAN will supply the meat, and others will supply either a dish to pass or dessert or chips. It is to be decided, considering covid-19 restrictions. Jim Darnell is looking into the program. Fliers will be sent out. We will be contacting Rotary, Lions Club, etc. More about this will be determined at out next meeting.

14 Amy Bullard brought up the Cycle the Erie event. Should we have a table in the park? Discuss.

15 Hugh and Rose Jeanne worked in the SPAN office organizing the books for the Little Red Bookshelves. They also constructed bookshelves in the office.

16 It was further discussed that perhaps we should have a campsite and kayak demonstration during the August 15th weekend. Perhaps the Montezuma Audubon Center could bring their kayaks for that event.

17 Sandi reminded us of the plant sale this weekend at the Cornell Extension in Newark.

18 The Mother’s Day event is canceled .

19 The dedication of the Little Red Bookshelves will be included in the Memories of Clyde event. Jen Peeso will do the attaching of the plaques on the bookshelves.

20 The Visitors to Clyde shed, a school project, is set for May 31st.

21 Hugh Miner moved and Sandi Bastedo seconded, that“...SPAN donate $300. to Dolars for Schollars as a graduation schollarship based on the applicant’s civic service record.“

22 A discussion of SPAN’s possible role as an Erie Canal steward will be part of next meeting’s agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully submitted 

David Hickey

Clyde SPAN Minutes 04-06-2021

 The minutes of the April 6, 2021, meeting of SPAN held at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom:

Present: Kelly Furman; Amber Clingerman; Amy Bullard; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Hugh Miner; Nicole Malbone; Sandi Bastedo; Jennifer Peeso; David Hickey

1 Kelly Furman opened the meeting at 6:57.

2 Amber reported a closing balance of $10,528.73. We are all caught up with Cornell through March.

3 Rose Jeanne reported 90 members. There was $125 in extra donations in March and 10 paid dues. We discussed a way to pay dues on line. Pay Pal charges a fee. Hugh said he would mention it in his next newsletter.

4 SPAN is registered for Canal Clean Sweep. There is a sign up sheet. SPAN members will divide their efforts to picking up debris along the trail and near the Blockhouse and in spreading mulch near the campsites. Span will provide sandwiches and water for the volunteers.

Sandi Bastedo moved and Rose Jeanne seconded,“...that SPAN will order sandwiches for the Clean Sweep volunteers from the West Side Deli“. Motion passed.

5 Under Old Business, it was stated that there will be a bike rodeo on Juneteenth. We will set up a committee on April 29th.

There is a community picnic scheduled for July 26, co-sponsored with the Historical Society to be held at Lauraville landing. SPAN is to provide the meat; other organizations will bring a dish to pass. The Historical Society will provide the program.

6 The memorial plaques in honor of Tom Castellano are at the SPAN office.They need to be attached to the Little Red Bookshelves. Sandi moved and Nicole seconded that“...SPAN pay for the materials to attach the plaques.“ Motion passed.

Hugh stated that we need volunteers to work on organizing the Little Red Bookshelf books at the  SPAN office. We need bookshelves. Hugh moved, and Rose Jeanne seconded“...that SPAN pay up to $300. to build bookshelves.“ Motion passed. We will check with Connie and Glen Martin before attaching any shelves.

7 The Master Gardener program needs to settle on a topic for the next presentation at 6:30 on May 4th. The choices are composting,tomato growing, sweet potatoes; and landscaping.

8 On May 8, the Saturday before Mother’s Day, kids must sign up at $10. per person. Virtual or in person

( I didn’t get all the details for the above activity – fill in the blanks here at the next SPAN meeting, please.)

9 Kelly Furman noted that we need to generate a list of activities and dates for next year. Hugh noted that 2023 is the 200th anniversary of Wayne County.

There is now a 10‘X10‘ canopy at the SPAN office. We may order another, if needed.

10 Meeting adjourned at 8:13 

Respectfully submitted,


David Hickey