Monday, September 21, 2020

September Clyde SPAN newsletter

Subject: September Clyde SPAN newsletter

Happy September to all you Clydites near and far.

SPAN might have thought this would be a slow month with school opening, but it was far from that.  After a September 1st meeting, at which some SOAR awards were given out, Mary Katherine Lauster brought us up to date on the availability of the equipment to make fried dough that was being offered to us by the Firemen's Ladies Auxiliary.  It was after that meeting that the "SPAN machine" went into motion.

Thanks to the great kindness of Wayne Rice and the Grange, a dozen of us gathered at the Pierce storage sheds east of the village on Tuesday, September 8, and moved the equipment (trays, fryer, popcorn machine) to the Grange, with visions of us learning how to make fried dough next year.  Again, many thanks to Wayne Rice, who also offered his truck and his muscles in the moving process.

The day was not over as that evening SPAN member Ray Merritt offered his van to pick up our first replacement kayak from a man living south of Montezuma.  The kayak was noticed by Ray and Ginny as they returned from the church that Ray pastors in Auburn.  Treasurer Amber Clingerman got $200 into Hugh's hands and we were able to pay cash to the gentleman, who said he was getting out the kayak activity because he wanted to buy a sailboat.  That works for us.  This particular kayak is made by SunDolphin, the same company that made the kayaks that came up missing.

As described in the August newsletter, Saturday, September 12 was the day of the Revolutionary War encampment at the Blockhouse. It was sponsored by the Village of Clyde and directed by code enforcement officer Tom Sawtelle. The group, named the 64th Regiment, began setting up their tents on Friday night. Their camp fires were already burning when visitors started arriving a 10 a.m. SPAN was privileged to play a supporting role by selling water and snacks at 50 cents per item. It was meant to be more a service than a money maker. My favorite moment was the firing from the smallest grenade launcher that I ever expected to see. The grenade, by the way, was an orange. Another highlight, while many of us took turns sitting at the SPAN table, was meeting the Mortensen family, who are new in town. And the full sized chicken roasting over an open fire all day sure looked delicious.

Our next activity is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22 at 5:30 at the Lauraville Landing (if it is warm enough) when anyone interested can come for pizza and a discussion of activities that can take place at the “Eerie on the Erie” event on October 24th at Lauraville Landing. That is also the day that I will be conducting a history-based tour of Maple Grove Cemetery. That will not be eerie. More on that in the October newsletter.

All for now,

Hugh Miner

Clyde SPAN Minutes 09-01-2020

 Clyde SPAN minutes for September 1st, 2020, held at 6:30 p.m. in the Clyde Village Park.

Present: Rose Jeanne Strakal; Mary K Lauster; Sandi Bastedo; Amber Clingerman; David Hickey; Hugh Miner; Amy Bullard; Jerry Fremouw; Rollo Kanaley; Michael Nicoletta; Ginny Merritt; Kelly Furman

Prior to the meeting, awards were presented for a Community Scavenger Hunt, detailed below from an article printed in the Finger Lakes Times.


SOAR and Clyde-Savannah 21st Century Community Schools educators decided to work together to create a family fun event in order to help “introduce” residents to their community. The Community Scavenger Hunt started on August 15. Those interested had two weeks to go to

specific stops throughout Clyde/Galen and Savannah answering a total of twenty different questions. Questions ranged from: 

“Find the ‘Bike Fix-it Station”, 

name the locations of two Bright Red Bookshelves, 

how many campsites are there at Clyde’s Lauraville Loop Campsites?, 

find the mural of president–elect Lincoln addressing the crowd, 

what kind of outdoor activities could one do at the Montezuma Audubon Center?, 

where is the future home of the Savannah Erie Canalway Trail & Visitor Center?, 

what does the memorial stone at the Memorial Park on N. Main Street say?”

Sixteen people from both Clyde and Savannah participated in the Community Scavenger Hunt and on September 1st drawings at the Clyde SPAN meeting determined the following winners in three age categories.

Adults: Laura Waldron won a $25 gift card to Kee Kee Run Café!

Teens: Emmett Waldron, Mercedes Waldron, Neil Waldron, Camden Chance, Isaac Marchitell, and Jessica Sullivan won $50 gift cards to Walmart!

Youth: Ayden Tokarz, Alijah Tokarz, Eli Romano, Emma Romano, Francis Grahm, and Payton Lundy won bicycles!

During a time when so many activities have been canceled, it was wonderful to offer a safe, positive, and interactive activity for all ages. Families and individual shared feedback that they had fun and that they learned a lot of new information about Clyde & Savannah which they weren’t aware of.

SOAR is an asset based community development grant which follows the commission of the Robert Wood Foundation which states that “good health begins in the places where we live, learn, work, and play. “ Our hope is that as people are introduced to their community’s assets, that they will take ownership and feel positive about living there.


1 Kelly Furman opened the SPAN meeting at 6:52.

2 Hugh Miner moved to accept the minutes of the August meeting, seconded by Sandi Bastedo. Motion passed.

3 Treasurer Amber Clingerman reported an ending balance of $10, 908.10.

4 Membership chairman Rose Jeanne Strakal reported a current membership of 84, with 2 new members in August. 157 letters were sent out.

5 In SOAR news, there will be a luncheon on Sept. 29

6 On Sept. 12, the British Encampment will take place at the Blockhouse. SPAN will sell water and snacks at the event. Sandi Bastedo moved “…that SPAN will reimburse Hugh for the cost of providing water and chips”, seconded by Kelly Furman. Motion passed.

7 Regarding Kayaks, Hugh Miner said we should be comparing prices of available replacement kayaks. Padlocks had been ordered with 2 keys. A trail camera was installed in the kayak shack. A discussion followed about how to manage the rentals. The kayaks should have ID’s.

8 Regarding the kiosks, Hugh said new plexiglass (3) would cast about $100. We would consult with Tom Sawtelle about the history panels. Other panes would have to be redesigned. Some businesses still need to be consulted.

9 The Cemetery Walk is scheduled for October 24th. Other activities are planned on that day in Lauraville Landing at 10:00 and 12 noon. A committee was formed to coordinate that day’s activities: Mary K Lauster; Amber Clingerman; Sandi Bastedo; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Kelly Furman; Amy Bullard. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 5:30 in Lauraville Park. Sandi Bastedo moved “…that we have pizza for the meeting’, seconded by Amber Clingerman. Motion passed. Amber will call Gary Larazna to participate and Sandi will check with the Canal Corp.

10 A discussion followed about the contents of the storage shed that SPAN has acquired. Several choices were mentioned: The Grange; the Methodist Church; the Mill Museum. Items need to be moved by 2 weeks. Mary k will start making room in her basement if that space is needed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


David Hickey

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 08-04-2020

The minutes of the SPAN meeting held at Lauraville Landing on August 4, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Kelly Furman; Amy Bullard; Mary K Lauster; Amber Clingerman; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Hugh Miner; David Hickey; Sandi Bastedo

1 Kelly called the meeting to order at 6:40

2 Hugh miner moved and Mary k Lauster seconded to accept the July 2020 minutes. Motion passed.

3 Treasurer Amber Clingerman reported a balance of $9,082.76. She listed several donations for kiosks and one as a memoriam for Tom Castellano. Hugh had news that Jeff Shields installed a camera. Other suggestion were to have frosted windows, to have an ID on the kayaks and a tracker. We plan to buy four new kayaks. Discussion about how to rent, reservations, waivers, etc. Perhaps a way to swipe a credit card.

4 Mary k Lauster asked if we could have kids help sweep the trail. A discussion about signage followed.

5 Kiosks: The Chamber of Commerce had donated some $700. Toward making and maintaining them. Hugh is attempting to have several local businesses contribute to their upgrade. Jeff Rice has said his daughter would like to help.

6 End of year activity: Hugh asked what could we do as an end of year activity. Several replies were offered: cider & donuts in the park; chicken barbecue; cemetery walk; ice cream truck. The Cellar Savers will have a concert on August 12. An encampment is scheduled for September 12. Also there is a car show.

7 Sandi announced that the National Honor Society at school will take over the Little Red Book Shelves. A discussion followed about how to celebrate Tom Castellano’s legacy. Sandi Bastedo moved that…”we place a plaque on each Little Red Bookshelf, in honor of Tom Castellano.” Motion passed.

8 Sandi wondered if shop class could build the bird houses that we contemplated placing along the trail.

9 Hugh set the date for the cemetery walk. Another activity was to place pumpkins along the trail at night.

10 Rose Jeanne Strakal reported a membership of 82 ans 2 businesses.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

David Hickey