Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 01-08-2020

The meeting of Clyde SPAN was called to order at 6:33 p.m. on January 8, 2020, by Chairperson Tom Castellano.
Present at the meeting were
Sandi Bastedo
Linda Bell
Tom Castellano
Amber Clingerman
Nicole Daniels
Kelley Furman
Steve Groat
Brenda Kinnetz
Mary Catherine Lauster
Bud Mann
Virginia Merritt
Hugh Miner
Tom Sawtelle.

The minutes were approved on a motion by Hugh Miner and a second by Brenda Kinnetz.

The treasurer’s report showed the transactions that occurred in the months of November and December of 2019. Expenditures included payments for Spectrum cable, rent, annual insurance, and activities including bus trips, ballroom dancing, and paint and sip nights. One unusual item was the late cashing of a rent check by Mr. Cipriano. The bank balance at the end of November was $5,794.35, The bank balance at the end of December was $5,689.35.

Sandi Bastedo announced that she would be leaving her post as coordinator of the SOAR program. She has accepted a new position, also with Cornell Cooperative Extension, that will begin on January 16, 2020. She expressed her appreciation of her time with SPAN and SOAR and said that she looks forward to continuing her membership in SPAN.

The nomination and election of SPAN officers for 2020 was conducted by Mr. Castellano. The position of Secretary was filled by the ballot cast by the interim secretary (motion by Hugh [1] and Sandi [2]) for Dave Hickey to continue as secretary. Nominated by Sandi and seconded by Linda for the position of treasurer was Amber Clingerman. The motion passed. Sandi nominated Kelley Furman to be vice chairperson. The motion was seconded by Ginny Merritt and it passed. And Hugh moved and Sandi seconded the nomination of Tom Castellano to continue as chairperson. The motion passed.

The major part of the evening was spent in the discussion of several activities in which SPAN could participate during the year of 2020. There will be further discussion in this regard in the coming meetings. Tom Sawtelle started the discussion with a list of items that was distributed, and others gladly added other ideas. The ones listed here came from a variety of people, fulfilling SPAN’s identity as an incubator for ideas and activities to better the community. This means also that our eventual activities may sponsored by other organizations and municipalities.

January:  Paint and Sip night on January 28
March 3:  presentation by Master Gardeners
        Bob Ross Teen Night
April: Operation Clean Sweep
May: Memorial Day
June: the start of the Community Market
        a fishing derby on June 27 proposed by Mark DeVito
July: Tuesday, July 14, cycling the Erie (meeting people in the Park, Blockhouse open
        Possible return of community picnic at the Blockhouse on July27 with several sponsors
August: Community Festival on, possibly, August 13-16
September: Reenactor encampment on two days, choosing from September 11-13
       Colonial cookout at Blockhouse
October: a vendor fair on October 10 at the end of Fire Prevention Week
        a return of the Haunted History at the Blockhouse followed by Mystery&Mayhem tour
November: Clyde Village Holiday Happenings and Parade of Lights on November 28
December: Cookie Walk at Methodist Church, Christmas exhibit at Museum, dinner at VFW on 12/5

Other suggestions included a possible return of Halloween in the Park, a Maypole Dance possibly at the after-school program, a cemetery fundraiser. Noted Clyde artist, Bud Mann, would like us to encourage young people to engage in painting. He also saw the community room at the Midtown Apartments as a site for art programs. He also hopes that the Montezuma art show will get more publicity, both before and after the event.

The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m. with a reminder that the next monthly meeting will be February 4.

Respectfully submitted,
Hugh Miner, interim secretary

Monday, January 6, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 11-04-2019

The minutes of the November 4, 2019 meeting of SPAN held at the Glasgow Street office at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Tom Castellano; Amy Bullard; Linda Bell; Hugh Miner; Sandi Bastedo; Dave Hickey;
Dolly Romer; and Rose Jeanne Strakal

1 Tom Castellano called the meeting to order at 6:34

2 A motion to accept the corrected minutes was made by Rose Jeanne Strakal and seconded by
Hugh Miner. Motion carried.

3Treasurer’s report listed a balance of  $6,544.45.

4 Rose Jeanne reported a membership of 114.

5 Dolly reported that the George Eastman House trip was enjoyed by 20 people. Rose Jeanne and
Dolly are writing a letter to the town and village for support in 2020.

6 Sandi Bastedo reported that Steve Moore is managing the art project for SOAR. They applied
to the Finger Lakes Art for a grant for next year. Kee Kee Run is having an art session in
December and would like one in January.
Sandi reported that the honor students at Clyde-Savannah would like to do some community
service work on December 20.
November 30th is Hometown Happy holiday.
On December 7th, the Galen Historical Society will have Open House with Larry Dapolito
playing the vintage organ.
On November 23, St John’s will be holding a mini-bazaar.
Gayle Porter is continuing to prepare a space for an art parlor.
Galens is closing.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 7th at 6:30.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey