Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 07-07-2020

The minutes of the July 7, 2020 meeting of SPAN held at Lauraville Landing at 6:30 p.m. Social
distancing and mask protocol were maintained.

Present: Amber Clingerman; Hugh Miner; Jenifer Peeso; Amy Bullard; Jerry Fremaow; Kelly
Furman; Sandi Bastedo; Dave Hickey

1 Call to order by Kelly Furman at 6:37

2 Hugh Miner moved to accept the June minutes, seconded by Amy Bullard. Motion carried.

3 Treasurer Amber Clingerman reported an ending balance of $9,380.59.

4 Membership: Rose Jeanne Strakal, in absencia, reported 73 members.

5 Events are still to be determined due to the covid 19 pandemic, e.g. the car show, the
Blockhouse reenactment.

6 The missing kayaks- enquiries have been made. There were lots of shares over the Internet.

7 After some discussion, Hugh Miner moved “…to purchase a new lock, a trail cam, and one
kayak.” Motion carried.

8 Hugh reported that a neighbor, Al Weaver, weed whacked the campsite area.

9 A load of mulch has been ordered near the campsite.

10 Two fire rings have been ordered by the village.

11 Some people are volunteering to work on the trails.

12 Hugh Miner and Tom Sawtelle have been working on the Kiosks. Hugh would like to send a
letter to six companies in Clyde for their support, Sandi moved “ to have Hugh send the letter.”
Seconded by Jennifer Peeso. Motion carried.

13 Amy Bullard reported the Kee Kee Run is planning a virtual Art and Dessert program over
YouTube on July 14th.. There is a $25, charge. There was a handout with details.
Also Steve Moore has talked with Auburn Theater about a music in the park program for 2023,
the 200th anniversary of Wayne County.

14 There are several signs in the SPAN office that need placing. Tom Sawtelle has the details.

15 SOAR news: Sanitizer and face masks are available for businesses. There were Face book
updated regarding the lost kayaks. It was suggested that a $20 donation would result in a
membership for 2021.

15 The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey

Friday, July 17, 2020

July SPAN Newsletter

Hi to all of you who love Clyde and Galen,

SPAN had its July monthly meeting outdoors at the Lauraville Landing pavilion, and we only had to stop a couple of times for the trains going by.

As I am writing this, there is another great art event going on over at the Kee Kee Run cafe. For $25, a person got an art kit and dessert and be led in painting by Kelly Jackson. SPAN was happy to be a co-sponsor of this event.

Last month I told you of our effort to update the three kiosks in town. Tom Sawtelle and I have come up with plans to re-do two of the three panels on each kiosk. The third panel, which highlights Clyde history, does not need to be changed. One of the current challenges is making sure we can find the plexiglass which will cover the changed panels. Plexiglass is one of those items in short supply if the manufacturers of it had to shut down during the pandemic. As I said last month, we will keep you informed.

It was good to have Mayor Jerry Fremouw at the July meeting. Even though, as he informed us, that the carnival, parade and fireworks were likely to be canceled this year, he is looking forward to two events that are still scheduled for the central park area. One is the 50th year celebration of the Cellar Savers, at 6 p.m., on Wednesday, August 12. The other event is a car show that is set for Saturday, August 15, which will start at 10 a.m.

This next item is a mixture of bad news/good news. Sometime during the three-day period of June 18-20 four SPAN kayaks were stolen from the shed at the Lauraville campsite. We don’t know how it was done since the lock on the shed was not damaged. The Clyde police were informed and they are continuing even now to track down leads for the kayaks, which were each labeled with the words “Sun Dolphin.” But what is the good news? Our insurance policy will allow us to purchase at least one kayak as a replacement. The July 7 meeting also voted to purchase one more kayak from our existing funds. And if anyone wants to donate toward another purchase, we decided that a donation of $20 would also be counted as payment of next year’s SPAN dues. We will also be looking at a better lock and a camera to keep this from happening again.

And here is a great “thank you” regarding the campsite. Pastor Al Weaver who lives near the campsite but only recently discovered its existence, walked over there, without any encouragement, and put his weed-eater to work and made it possible to use the four campsites and picnic area. (That green stuff sure can grow!) If you haven’t met Al, he is the fellow playing his guitar outside the Baptist Church (now Open Arms Community Fellowship) on Friday evenings.

Finally, Supervisor Steve Groat and I will be holding a meeting of people from Savannah and Clyde/Galen who would like to take part in planning local events to commemorate the establishing of the County of Wayne 200 years ago, as of 2023. Let me know if you would like to attend. It is appropriate that Clyde/Galen and Savannah are working together, since we were combined into one township in 1823.

Thanks for listening. (If you want to respond by postal mail, the address is Clyde SPAN, PO Box 14, Clyde, NY 14433. My email is – . Hugh Miner