Monday, November 6, 2017

Clyde SPAN Minutes 10-03-2017

The minutes from the October 3rd, 2017, regular meeting of SPAN held at the MAC at 6:30.

PRESENT: Rose Jeanne Strakal; Dolly Romer; Hugh Miner; Dave Hickey; John Robert; Cheryl Bonnell; Sandi Bastedo; Tom Castellano; and Debbie Blasczak.

1 Tom Castellano called the meeting to order at &:15.

2. John Robert moved to approve the September minutes, seconded by Rose Jeanne Strakal. Minutes approved.

3. Treasurer John Robert reported a balance of @6402.22.

4. Membership chairperson Rose Jeanne Strakal reported a total of 95 members, Debbie Blasczak being our newest member. There was a brief discussion of what SPAN does and about the Main Street grant.

5. There was a discussion about the Alumni Event at the Homecoming game. We would like to establish a data base. Some suggestions: have an actual float; a bigger tent; music; an emcee.Looking to repeat the event next year.

6 Dolly Romer reported that there were 39 people signed up for the bus trip to Letchworth on Oct. 11th. Debbie Blasczak notified the group of a bus trip sponsored by the Savannah Silver Slippers to Cortland for the Christmas show.

7. Sandi Bastedo ran down some 0of SOAR’s activities:
October 12th trail meeting at the MAC @10:00 a.m.
Soar open house, a lunch hour is planned.

8. Mayor Fremaow has asked SPAN to supply the cost of donuts, cider for an October 14th gathering of villagers at the firehouse. Hugh Miner moved “…that SPAN pay for those items not to exceed $150 -200. “, seconded by Dolly Romer. Motion passed.

9. At the November meeting, a discussion of plans for next year, together with a search for new officers, and a membership drive will be on the table.

10. SPAN will be a sponsor in the CSCS high school production of The Wiz. Hugh moved that SPAN pay a 50 dollar sponsor ad in the program.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey