Monday, June 15, 2020

SPAN Newsletter No. 1 - Alive and Kicking

Greetings to all you Clyde/Galen Partners!

At SPAN’s June 2nd monthly meeting, we decided that a monthly newsletter to the supporters of this community was in order. In a time of pandemic when so many events have to be canceled, it would be easy to back off from efforts to encourage the health and happiness of our community, but that is not the case here. We are alive and kicking. Here is a summary along with some background of the discussion at our recent meeting.

Please let us know if you know someone who would like to read the newsletter but is not on our current list of email addresses. Someone who is more computer literate than this author (Hugh Miner), there may be a push to put this on an additional platform (Facebook?) In any case, let me know any opinions you may have, as well as email addresses that you would like to offer. My email is –

The fact that we were able to pull off a Zoom meeting earlier this month was an accomplishment. Those in attendance included some who are younger than 50 years of age ! One of those people is our new co-chair person, Kelly Furman. Kelly is a mother and an employee at the Clyde-Savannah bus garage. She is a busy lady who is often able to share images of her children who are bouncing around her while she is engaged in the meeting. We love it.

While we have had to cancel a July community-wide picnic which was at the Blockhouse last year, we are hoping that some autumn events can happen. On the docket we hope to support our local code enforcement officer, Tom Sawtelle, who is looking for a Revolutionary War era encampment at the Blockhouse in September. And I look forward to conducting a cemetery walk at the Maple Grove Cemetery in either October or November.

In the past month SPAN was able to donate a $300 scholarship through Dollars for Scholars. Last year that fund was also able to distribute $500 scholarships to 12 members of the senior class.

We are grateful for the work of Mark DeVito, who has created at fishing site at the Lauraville camping area (across the Canal from the former Parker-Hannifin plant – now Advanced Atomization Technology). Thanks to the June meeting, SPAN will join with the Village of Clyde and add a fire ring to the site. And Sandi Bastedo is ready to contribute a bench there.

SPAN is also ready to embark on a long overdue update of the three kiosks in the village. There are three of the three-sided information signboards in the village and they have outdated items on them. We will bring you up-to-date on that effort next month.

Also, in future issues, we will bring you information from SOAR, the active Clyde and Savannah group which is sponsored by SPAN and the Savannah Chamber of Commerce.

Finally, in this issue, we are happy to report that SPAN has 70 members this year. If you would like to join, the cost is $10 (check made out to Clyde SPAN) and mail it to Clyde SPAN, P.O. Box 14, Clyde, NY 14433. ………………….. “See” you next month.

- Hugh Miner

Monday, June 8, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 06-02-2020

The minutes of the “zoom” meeting of SPAN held at 6:30 p.m. on June 2, 2020

Present: Amber Clingerman; Kelly Furman; Amy Bullard; Jennifer Peeso; Sandi Bastedo; Hugh Miner; Rose Jeanne Strakal; David Hickey; Nicole Malbone

1 Amber called the meeting to order at 6:59. (Some of us had difficulty signing in to our phones or computers)

2 Hugh moved that the May minutes be approved, seconded by Sandi Bastedo. Motion carried.

3 The treasurer reported a balance of $9,561.14.

4 Membership: We now have 8 new members with a total of 58.

5 SOAR update: We continue to use the Empire State trail. There is a “Residential Health Activities” 14 day challenge sheet that has been distributed. A discussion followed regarding trail activity which included bird houses and art on the trail. Hugh reported that the community picnic is cancelled . Hugh stated the he will be conducting a cemetery walk in October or November. No one has heard about whether there will be an August 15th festival this year. There may be an encampment according to Tom Sawtelle.

6 Hugh mentioned that we might use the Chamber of Commerce funds to upgrade the kiosks. Jeff Rice, Tom Sawtelle, Hugh Miner and Nicole Malbone will try to enlist others to work on that project.

7 Dollars for Scholars has requested to use the SPAN office.

8 Hugh Miner moved that “…we purchase 2 fire rings “ , seconded by Sandi. Motion passed.

9 Amy will ask Kevin Rooney for more mulch for the campsite.

10 Sandi has a bench she will donate to the fishing area, and Jennifer Peeso has a truck to help move it and also move the fire rings.

11 Could we schedule a “work day” at the campsite and maybe have a hot dog cook out ?

12 Rose Jeanne will extend an invitation to the Amish to use our campsite.

13 Hugh agreed to be the caretaker of a shed key along with the village office.

Nicole Malbone mentioned a possible young kids walk with a scary movie. Amy said she would like to see a once a month news letter sent to the membership. Hugh agreed he will conjure one up once he gets these minutes.

Next meeting, weather permitting, our SPAN meeting will be at the Lauraville Landing pavilion.

Meeting adjourned at 8:04

Respectfully submitted
David Hickey

Monday, June 1, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 05-05-2020

The minutes of the May meeting of SPAN held on “Zoom” on May 5, 2020 at 6:30

Present: Amber Clingerman; Rose Jeanne Strakal; David Hickey; Amy Bullard; Sandi Bastedo;
Linda Bell; Hugh Miner; Kelly Furman; and Jennifer Peeso

1 Call to order at 6:35

2 Hugh Miner moved to accept the corrected minutes, seconded by Rose Jeanne Strakal. Motion

3 Treasurer’s report showed a beginning balance of $10,707.62 and an ending balance of
$10,544.65. Waiting for receipts for 3 month’s rent.

4 Membership: Rose Jeanne reported 50 members all together in April, not all paid yet.

5 Hugh Miner said the Galen Historical Society has at least one other than the treasurer who can
write checks. He would like us to have such a system. It was reported that Hugh is already set up
at Lyons bank to do just that.

6 We discussed what our contribution might be to “Dollars for Scholars” Hugh moved
that,”…three hundred dollars be given to “Dollars for Scholars”.”, seconded by Linda Bell.
Motion carried.

7 Since Tom Castellano will no longer be presiding, it was agreed to move Kelly Furman to be
co-chair and Sandi Bastedo would be vice chair. Hugh miner moved “…that Kelly Furman be a
new co-chair with Hugh Miner and that Sandi Bastedo would act as vice chair for the duration of
2020.” Linda bell seconded and the motion passed.

8 Amy would look into the birdhouse project along the Erie Canal Trail. She will contact Kevin
Rooney with the county. It could be a family project, an “art trail”. Other projects were
discussed. Amy will discuss with Mary K Lauster to get a committee started.

9 Hugh Miner moved that we adjourn, 7:57

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey