Saturday, July 9, 2016

Clyde SPAN Minutes 07-05-2016

The minutes of the July 5th, 2016 meeting of SPAN held at 6:30 at 70 Glasgow Street.
Present: Tom Castellano; Sandi Bastedo; Kelly Farrell; Hugh Miner; Dave Hickey; Rose Jeanne Strakal; John Robert; and Bill Thoms

1 Hugh Miner moved to accept the June minutes, seconded by Rose Jeanne Strakal. Motion carried.
2 John Roberts gave the treasurer’s report which showed a balance of $4858.86.
3 Rose Jeanne Strakal reported a membership total of 71.
4 A discussion of the August 6th Route #31 garage sale ensued. Such questions as to who’s running it and what should be SPAN’s role were discussed. It was agreed that we would purchase some large lawn signs at $124. apiece. Advertising was discussed and the use of the village robo call system. Also discussed was the possible renting of spaces at the corner of Glasgow and Ford. We might dedicate the fees to the playground fund. Upon reflection. SPAN decided to stay with the usual sidewalk sales including the SPAN office location.
Kelly Farrell showed us her project to develop some maps of the locality of the Erie Canal camp site and environs to include points of interest such as Savannah Dhu. Several SPAN members agreed to work with her on the project.
Art in the community. Steve Moore is working on the spaghetti and art project for July 27th in conjunction with Papa’s Place,
Hugh Miner talked about the Lauraville Loop Campsite. It is progressing nicely. Perhaps some SPAN volunteers may need to keep the vegetation in check. We could use another truckload of mulch. The sight was explored by some citizens. There is need of a siding platform near the ditch for boaters. We would like to locate an area to fish from the bank and benches for an outlook. There are still some stumps the need to be removed or to be cut at ground level.
On the 25th, the Galen Historical Society will join us at Lauraville . The Clyde-Savannah Community Band will play, the Historical Society will host a presentation on the Underground Railroad and our Greater Rochester Health Foundation Evaluators will present their findings from the SOAR Health Survey that went out to residents earlier this year.  We will end the night with a walk to the newly created camping area on the Lauraville Loop and SPAN will provide a yummy treat for all.
Hugh reported that the 100 cups are at the SPAN office together with the decals which are ready to be applied. There are 3 or 4 different designs. They will be ready to sell by August 6th.
Hugh also reported that the barbershop quartet is now in Nashville. We are aiming for an August 21st concert.
Sandi reported that the village’s intent to apply for a Main Street Grant would need from SPAN and SOAR a letter of commitment. President Tom Castellano signed the document for SPAN at this meeting.

There was a discussion of the upcoming August 15th celebration.

Rose Jeanne Strakal set August 8th at the day to place the snapshot pictures around to the businesses.
Meeting adjourned at 8:05.

Respectfully submitted,

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David Hickey