Friday, May 20, 2016

Clyde SPAN Minutes: 05-03-2016

The minutes of the May 3rd, 2016 meeting of SPAN held at St. John’s School Hall at 6:30.

Present: Tom Castellano; Dave Hickey; John Robert; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Hugh Miner; Cheryl Bonnell; Bill Thoms; Steve Moore; Sandi Bastedo; and guests, Roz Drury; Lois Benning

1 Hugh Miner mover to accept the April minutes, seconded by Rose Jeanne Strakal. Motion passed.

2 Treasurer John Robert reported a current balance of $5089.86 which included a 100. Donation to the Big Red Book Shelf from Pearl Tech of Savannah.

3 Rose Jeanne Strakal reported that we have 4 new members, bringing our total for this year to 65.

4 Steve Moore reported on the status of the Arts Festival. They receive their first check and registration form back. They are working on getting permits. A “paint and pasta night” was discussed as an activity, or a “wine and design”.

5 Dave Hickey called the Canal Clean Sweep in the Clyde area a success. SPAN and SOAR members collected a huge pile of debris, most of which was brought to Lauraville Landing or some bags were left along the trails to be picked up by the Clyde highway trucks. The Clean Sweep concluded with a hot dog roast, after which several SPAN members and other volunteers proceeded to the Lauraville Loop camp grounds to help clear away some of the brush.

6   More work needs to be done in the campsite area. A question of the use of mulch as a base for tents needs to be answered. June 4th is Trail Day. Sandi Bastedo is working with Ann Fenton from the village office to settle some lease and approval questions. May 14th is scheduled as a work day at 2:00 P.M. The Cornell students will return to say goodbye on May 18th. It was determined that grant or no grant we must get the picnic tables made. John Robert moved that SPAN purchase the picnic tables, seconded by Sandi Bastedo. Motion passed.

7 Sandi Bastedo gave a report on SOAR .A Route 31 yard sale is contemplated from Savannah through Clyde and Lyons. Our participation was discussed, perhaps sponsoring a location in the central park. Hugh Miner moved “…that SPAN explore participation in the Route 31 yard sale.”  The Yard Sale is set for August 6TH. National Trail Day is June 4th. Savanna will have a dedication of their section of the Erie Canal Trail at 11:00 a.m. at the entrance to the Trail in Savannah. There is a “Close the Gaps” meeting at the Audubon Society on May 20th from 10 to 11.

Motion seconded by Dave Hickey. Motion passed.

8 Hugh Miner brought up the existence of some 100 mugs in his shed. Hugh wondered if we could have decals with a tie in to the bicentennial of Erie Canal in Clyde applied to the mugs. John Robert moved”…that we pursue the decal format (1 -4 pictures).”  Motion seconded by Rose Jeanne Strakal. Motion carried.

9 Sandi talked about improving our internet image with a facebook page. Barb Monsour could set it up for us. Cheryl Bonnell moved”… that we ask Barb Monsour to set up a facebook page”, seconded by Bill Thoms. Motion carri8ed.

10 Hugh announced a Drum Circle event for June 7th at the next SPAN meeting to be held at Lauraville Landing.

11 There was a discussion about a proposed “music night” with a barbershop quartet from Liverpool, NY.  This might be a part of an ice cream social Friday night in the park. Dates were discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05. Next meeting of SPAN is June 7th at Lauraville Landing .A Drum Circle will precede the meeting at 6:00 P.m.

Respectfully submitted,

David Hickey