Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Once again a cheerful message from Clyde SPAN -


Even in the midst of cancellations, there is still much to report. You can expect to read, below, three main items. One is the upcoming Revolutionary War Encampment on September 12. Another is the naming of an amazing number of SOAR, Village, and SPAN activities, in spite of the cancellation season. And, finally, an update on the kayak situation.


Tom Sawtelle, Clyde and Galen’s code enforcement officer, and the Village of Clyde are sponsoring the encampment demonstration on Saturday, September 12. As of now, it is expected to start at 10 a.m. and go well into the afternoon. Stay tuned in case there is a change of time. This year’s demonstrations will not be scheduled at specific times, but, instead, occur at various stations throughout the day. Dressed in British War uniforms, the performers at one station will show the uniform along with musketry and drumming methods. There will be children’s broomstick drills, a women’s fashion in the 18th century display, a tent living display, a quill pen and ink activity, fire building with flint and steel, 18th century open-fire cooking, and short talks on the American Revolution by Gary Newman. Representing the American side of the war will be Tom Sawtelle in uniform. All this will take place at the Blockhouse just east of Clyde village on Route 31. Water and chips will be for sale at a minimal price.


With no carnival, parade and fireworks, Clyde still was alive. The Savannah Cellar Savers celebrated their 50th year of existence with a concert on August 12 at Lauraville Landing Park, where social distancing was possible. Hundreds of people attended. A car show on Saturday, August 15, again attracted a large crowd to the parking areas near the Fire Hall. Thanks go to the Village for the support of these two activities.


SOAR is leading the way for several activities. Two of them have to do with art. One of them was called “En Plein Fun on the River” and it invited artists to do a painting at a spot along the Clyde River. Judging was completed on August 15 and the winners were Harold (Buddy) Mann (Best of Show), Debbie Rossignol (first place) and Alexis Ann Thomas-Stacy (runner up). Sponsors were Finger Lakes Community Arts Grants, Kee Kee Run, and Clyde SPAN. The other art activity is a Bob Ross Paint Class at Kee Kee Run with Kelly Jackson as instructor at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 18 (when you may be reading this).


Two other activities initiated by SOAR have to do with walking. A community scavenger hunt is occurring between August 15 and 31. Forms can be picked up at the CS Public Library and Rose’s Quick Stop in Savannah. There are great prizes. The other activity is not a contest. It invites youth and adults to walk the trail starting at Lauraville Landing. As they walk along the trail, they will read a story, page by page posted on individual stakes spread out along the trail.


Finally, here is an update on the kayak situation. A new lock and a camera make the storage shed more secure. There has been a great response to the SPAN desire to purchase new or used kayaks. Many thanks go to Anonymous ($600), the insurance company ($687) and individual donors, including Sue Maloy, Deborah Wright, Tracy Ballerstein, and Jean Allen and Linda Gordillo. Let us know if you know of any kayaks for sale by contacting clydespaninfo@gmail.com or Hugh at crossroadsadvocate@verizon.net. All for now. We would enjoy hearing any of your news.