Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Clyde SPAN Minutes 02-06-2018

The minutes of the February 6th, 2018, meeting of SPAN held at 70 Glasgow Street at 6:30p.m.
Present: Tom Castellano; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Cheryl Bonnell; Hugh Miner; Sandi Bastedo; Dolly Romer; Dave Hickey.

1. After viewing a YouTube show as a “Beat the Blahs” session, Tom Castellano called SPAN to order at 7:07.

2. Sandi Bastedo moved to accept the January, 2018 minutes, seconded by Hugh Miner. Motion passed.

3. The treasure’s report showed a balance of $7,386.40. John Robert was absent.

4. Rose Jeanne gave the membership report.
    a. 100 members
    b. Mailings ready at 71cents each.
    c. Printing by ARC at approx.17 cents each
    d. Labels made by Rose Jeanne

5. Sandi Bastedo gave a rundown of SOAR’s activity:
    On Feb. 4th there will be a Community lunch & SOAR meeting at the Clyde Methodist Church, RSVP by the 9th.
    We are planning our next bus trip.
    Savannah is planning a mural to be painted on the fire hall.
    A new 21 day challenge is in the works, starting on the first day of spring, March 20th.
    Thinking of starting pedal ball and/or pickelball.
    In May we have to reapply for funding to the Greater Rochester Health foundation.
    See: List of year’s activity.
    John Robert and Sandi are looking into buying some kayaks
    We are hoping for some funding from the town and village. School busses might be available, for a cost, for shorter trips, e.g. Auburn.
    We are thinking of a canal boat ride event for July, perhaps 2 short rides and one long ride. Details are pending

6. Hugh Miner moved “…that SPAN donate $250. To support this year’s Clyde Community  Farmer’s market”, seconded by Dave Hickey. Motion passed.

7. On March 6th, there will be a painting session at SPAN headquarters. Here is the latest on the March 6th SPAN agenda, excerpted from Sandi’s email:

8. Here is the agenda for Tuesday – 2:00 at SPAN office for anyone who wants to continue to work on the draft complete streets policy – Tom Sawtelle gave it to the village and they have some edits

9. 3:15 PM (meet at campsites) All SPAN members are welcome to join us as we walk the campsite area with Justin Booth (Complete Streets Consultant and avid cyclists).  He will give use suggestions to make our campsites more bike friendly as well as tips on signage, etc.

10. 5:00 PM SPAN monthly meeting at SPAN office  - all members welcome to attend

11. 6:00PM Paint and sip night – bring a beverage to share – alcoholic or non-alcoholic  - SPAN will provide snacks

Respectfully submitted,

David Hickey