Friday, April 15, 2016

Clyde SPAN Minutes: 04-05-2016

The minutes of the regular Tuesday meeting of SPAN held at 70 Glasgow Street at 6:30 on April 5th, 2016.

Present: Tom Castellano; Cheryl Bonnell, David Hickey; Steve Moore; John Robert; Sandi Bastedo; and Hugh Miner.

1 Tom Castellano called the meeting to order at 6:30

2 Hugh Miner moved to accept the amended March 1st minutes, seconded by John Robert.  Motion passed.

3 The treasurer reported a current balance of $5606.86.

4 John Robert gave the membership report for Rose Jeanne Strakal as 63 members.

5 Dave Hickey reported that the annual Canal Clean Sweep is scheduled to commence in our area at Lauraville Landing at 10 a.m. 0n Saturday, April 23rd. We have received tee shirts for the participants and large plastic bags for our work details from the Canal Corp. We will divide into work groups and disperse to the outer limits of our trails and work toward Lauraville Landing where a hot dog roast will await the volunteers. Wear appropriate clothing, bring sun screen, and gloves. Sandi Bastedo said the other groups will be participating.

6 Steve Moore reported about the art festival planned for the 24th and 25th of September. Tee
shirts have been designed for participants. It was suggested that Savannah people might donate and funds to the Savannah Chamber and Clyde folks could donate to SPAN. It was further suggested that the SPAN treasurer could hold funds in a special account such as “Art Fund”. There was a discussion about the advisability of applying now for the 501c3 designation.  On the pro side was the need for applying for grant money, on the con side was the cost and the effort to make the application. Also discussed was the future role of art in our community and how it could transform our identity.  Hugh Miner moved “…that our treasurer create an Art Budget line in SPAN’s account.”, seconded by Cheryl Bonnell. Motion passed. 

7 The group agreed that we need to set up a meeting to plan our next steps for the campgrounds at Lauraville Loop. The date was set for April 6th at SPAN headquarters at 12:30.  We need to create a timeline and a list of materials for a SOAR grant application.

8  Sandi  Bastedo gave a summary of the activity of the Cornell Co-op in our area at this time.
The project “Eat Smart” was announced for Tues. May 3rd to be held at St. John’s Hall from 5:30 to 6:30.  Eat Smart educator from Cornell will bring recipes for us to cook and then to eat.
The next SOAR meeting is scheduled for the Savannah Town Hall for April 19th at 6:30.
There will be a Close the Gaps meeting at 10:00 on April 14th.
Sandi Bastedo outlined the work being done by SOAR in Savannah.
Kelly Farrell, a student from Cornell, will be working in our area or 10 weeks in the summer
starting on June 6th.

9 Tom Castellano gave a handout listing the activity in the Bright Red Bookshelf project. He estimated about 3500 books have been handed out so far. There is a Traveling Books – Reading for Daycare program started. There is a “Home for Books” Headstart program started.  Four banners stating “Read to Me “will be erected in the area elementary schools and a very large one will be placed downtown in Clyde.

10 Hugh Miner read a letter from John Gould asking SPAN for a donation to this summer’s
Farmer’s Market. Sandi Bastedo moved “…for SPAN to donate $200 to the Farmer’s Market.”, seconded by Cheryl Bonnell. Motion passed.

11 We need to upgrade the 3 kiosks. John Robert suggested we look at this task on Clean
Sweep Day.

12 We need to get, and receive, our respective minutes from other civic organizations. This could be done by email once we make that arrangement with the various secretaries.

Respectfully submitted,
David Hickey