Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Clyde SPAN Minutes 10-06-2020

 The minutes of the October 6, 2020, meeting of SPAN held at the Galen Historical Society Brick Church at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Hugh Miner; Kelly Furman; Sandi Bastedo; Rose Jeanne Strakal; Nicole Malbone; David Hickey; Amber Clingerman (via Zoom); Jennifer Peeso; Michelle Mouio; and Amy Bullard.

1. Kelly Furman called the meeting to order at 6:35.

2. Treasurer’s report. Amber reported an ending balance of $12361.27.

3. Membership: Rose Jeanne reported a total of 88 members.

4. Kiosks: Hugh had nothing to report at this time. He’s meeting with Tom Sawtelle this week.

5. Discussion about Oct 24 event at Lauraville: The trail is for the adults. A list of rules will be distributed. Beth Claypool of the Department of health has been notified. We will follow the cleaning, masking and distancing protocols. Parking areas and signage will be added. The Village will be added on the flier as cosponsor. Disclaimer : ”proceed at your own risk” will be added. Should we add a car show? Should we place an ad in the paper? No, it might draw too many people. We will have one entrance to aid in any contact tracing. Hugh will add a press release about the cemetery walk.

6. On Tuesday, a planning session is set for 5:15 at the Advanced Atomization Technologies Plant for the Oct. 26 event.

7. Amy said a musician is available for the Pavilion on the 26th.

8. Re: kayaks: we are still searching for the best deals. Hugh will check Dick’s Sporting in Henrietta, NY

9. Discussion: Who has what role to play in the planning? Suggest a pre-planning email list. Should we clean up our email list to restrict to members only?

10. Next meeting: Location to be determined. Masks required, 6 foot distances to be maintained.

11. Hugh Miner moved that we adjourn at 7:53.

Respectfully submitted,

David Hickey